It was my first game in Neyland freshman year in 2019, and I was going with some new friends I had met in my hall at Brown. About halfway through the game with no breakfast or water, I celebrated halftime by passing out directly into a trash can in the student section. A combination of heat stroke and some hefty tailgating had done me in. I don’t remember a thing, but woke up to my friends telling me that they had to dig me out of this giant garbage bin in front of the entire student section.

This will forever be my fondest freshman year memory because I left Neyland that day with who I didn’t know at the time were going to be two of my best friends, one of whom is now my roommate. This story makes an appearance every once in a while amongst our friend group, and I know it will be my go to “Mom was crazy in college” stories in the future. I can assure you there’s no better way to make lifelong friends!

– Amanda Phillips