I have so many memories in this place. Almost as many as my childhood home and my grandparent’s homestead. I can’t name a best memory, as there are too many to list. But my first game was in ’87, versus Auburn. Second biggest rival at the time, to Alabama. I’ll never forget seeing the sea of orange for the first time in person. Late in the game, we were down 20-17. Auburn had the ball and was driving. I closed my eyes and prayed that we would somehow get the ball back. No clue how many plays in tow that I did this for, but the next thing I recall is hearing the crowd roar, and my Dad yelling “We got the ball! We got the ball!” Preston Warren had intercepted a pass, and we then drove down the field to kick a field goal to tie. No overtime in those days, so we didn’t win, but we didn’t lose either. I didn’t care much at the time. I was hooked. That was followed by witnessing tons of wins over the years. A lot of wonderful memories, but none can really top that one, for me.

– Eric Crowell