In 1982 my dad worked as an usher at one of the entrance tunnels in the south end zone. It was a way for him to get to see the games for free as well as make a few extra bucks. Occasionally I would be able to get a ticket and go with him to the game. This particular Saturday Tennessee was playing Alabama and I am fairly certain that we hadn’t beat them in my lifetime. If we had I would have certainly been too young to remember. Alabama seemed invincible to me and truth be told, to everyone else as well. We managed to stay in the game the whole time but I kept waiting for the inevitable to happen. To this day I remember Chuck Coleman taking the ball off tackle and bursting through the left side of the line. As he was heading to the end zone straight toward me I remember him pointing his finger toward the student body as he left the Tide defenders behind. The fan reaction was louder than anything I had ever heard and that was the point I knew we were going to win. Bobby Denton kept repeating the final score 35-28 Tennessee!

– Gary Taft