At age 15 in 2003, I decided my best bet at getting tickets to the games was to sell hot dogs as a vendor. The first game that year was Fresno State, and if there was one place on planet earth the sun decided to stare at that day, it was Neyland Stadium. It was so hot. Needless to say, there wasn’t much interest for hot dogs, but I had a job to do. I trekked across the south end zone upper deck looking for patrons and came across a guy somewhere around section GG or HH. Shirt was off and several small, empty, unidentified plastic bottles were scattered around his feet. “Hot dogs,” he said, “who the hell wants a hot dog in this heat??” I answered, “I have a job to do, sir, and that’s to sell hot dogs.” “Well,” he said, “got any water?” “No.” He chuckled, “I tell you what, you bring me a water, I’ll buy every damn hot dog you’ve got in there.” So…I went and bought the guy an ice water. And he bought every damn hot dog I had. Must have been 15 dogs.

– Heath Trentham