As a young single 20 something the only thing more entertaining than reading personals ads was watching the VOLS play football. Imagine my surprise when I came across an ad for a guy whose friend had bailed on him and left him with an extra ticket to the 2010 Florida game! Never being one to miss a good opportunity I replied to his ad thinking at best I would see my first game inside the stadium. Well he received a lot of responses but what made mine so special was that I had only ever seen the VOLS play on TV. Being as it was short notice and we were both working adults we couldn’t arrange to meet before the game he did all the planning and all I had to do was show up and enjoy myself. And I did enjoy myself! Even though the VOLS didn’t win that day they had delivered a completely different win to us. We spent the rest of the season going to home games and watching away games together. It didn’t stop there because this will be our 11th season watching the VOLS together. In that time we’ve had an orange and white wedding, welcomed two vol-babies, continued to watch every game together, and based all our plans on being able to watch the games. For us Neyland isn’t just the home of the greatest college football program, its the start of our love story.

– Mary Overstreet