Prior to 9/14/19 my favorite was being directly to the left of the Uprights when Florida missed the field goal in the 98 Championship Season and watching the end zone crowd for their reaction to see if it was good…..It was NOT, but now my favorite is 2 Games….the UT vs Chattanooga game on 9/14/2019…..I had been trying to get on the Kidney Transplant list at UT Medical Center since July of that year and through an incredible generous act of a family from my home town I received a call in the 3rd quarter that I was being evaluated for a Kidney through a directed donation. As game ended I received a second call that said get to UT medical we have a room waiting….and after some confirming test I had a Kidney Transplant at UT medical at 6am on 9/15/19. All went perfect and is working great still today. The second game was the 10/26/2019 game against South Carolina. After some very hard work and progress….and begging my doctors….. I was able to attend this game (wearing a mask) just 6 weeks after my Transplant. That 41-21 drubbing of SC was the best medicine I could receive.

Attached is a picture of me and my wonderful sister who pushed me everyday to walk and get stronger at that South Carolina game……I was Mask Cool way before it was required.

– Sam Melton