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December 5, 2020, I attended my 100th UT football game at Neyland Stadium vs. Florida Gators (as “VFL Superfan”). I’ve been cheering for the Vols at Neyland since I went to my first game on October 29, 2005 vs. South Carolina. I worked as a gameday souvenir program seller on gameday Saturdays. #VFLsuperfan ???

– Brent Anderson

Growing up we were lower middle class and couldn’t afford to attend games. I always watched on tv even in elementary school (I bought little helmets for my barbies to play). My dad loved the Vols so much he volunteered as an usher so that he could see games in person. He was always stationed in the student section which I thought was so cool. When I was in middle school, he bought me a ticket for an upper deck but let me stand with him in his section. The students were super nice and so much fun. It felt like home. Me experiences in that stadium started there and I’m proud to say I got to sit in that section again as a student in 2000-2004. But to that group of students in that section who were overly nice to cheer with and chat football with a middle schooler you made me a fan for life. I was sold even more.

– Stacy Barz

In 1998 my Dad and I attended almost every home game. Without a doubt the most memorable was the game against Arkansas. Both teams 8-0 on national TV, terrible weather and the Vols facing adversity every single play. Late in the game I was begging my Dad to leave after we were down and Arkansas was just killing the clock. My Dad looked at me and said, “it’s not over until the clocks read zero!” The very next play the infamous Stoerner Stumble occurred and we recovered the ball. As the orange marched towards victory and the crowd excited from the turnover the stadium was so electric and loud it sounded like a blast of white noise! My father passed away a few months ago and this was our fondest memory of attending games together in Neyland!

– Travis Brown

Season ticket holder since 1977 (44 years) Brought friends and family to games every year. My sons were raised going to games and wound up graduating from UTK. Will now be adding my grandkids to this experience. Nothing compares to this experience when it comes to football. GO VOLS !!

– Philip Smith

My love for Neyland Stadium dates back to my first visit in 1968. My best friend (Glen) and parents brought me along to see their son start at guard for the Vols. I had watched Glens brother (Phillip) all thru high school play a great catcher/baseball & tremendous guard for Franklin County, Winchester TN. I have never felt something so special/spiritual!! As the years have passed, I recall that day!! Especially with all my child hood mentor has accomplished at the University of Tennessee. My inspiration for becoming the fan & man I am was “Phillip Fulmer!!

– Gary Conn

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